Wedding trials shouldn’t be a trial

We’ve come to discover that brides are more nervous at their trial than when we meet them again on the big day!  *disclaimer* this doesn’t include the day before the wedding when even the calmest bride seems to have a meltdown.

So when I got an email today from one of our clients who admitted she was finding it difficult to think of what looks she liked and she didn’t have a clue what to say to us about what she wanted to try I thought I would share my advice to her here.

Become friends with Pinterest and create a mood board of hair and makeup looks you like. Have a look at our Pinterest and Instagram shots so you get a feel for the kind of looks we do, it’s often easier to point to pictures than describe what you like.

We’ll take everything on board from what you’ve told us to what we can see when we look at you and we’ll come up with something that’ll enhance you.

I’m happy when brides tell me to do whatever I think with their makeup and we can tweek it from there, although I do need some guidance, one persons “natural look” is  completely different from another!  Your trial lasts an hour and in that time Monica can do 2 hair styles for you.  The best thing is to take lots of photos of your look (including when you leave us) in different lighting and remember you can simply tell us on the day if you which one you’d prefer.

Oh and make sure you’re not simply going home after your appointment- go out and show off your new look!




New website now a lot of blog/waffle

Big thanks and big love to our ever patient siblings for helping make this new website!

Monica’s sister @kategeorgedesign does not do websites and after working with us she was no doubt reminded why! My brother Colin did our last website and weirdly didn’t have the time or interest to do them again but helped fix a few last minute glitches for us.

All of our bridal photos on this site are by the very talented & most lovely @photosbyzoeweddings and the ceilidh shot is for an advert to promote Scotland that we did with @ewanmiles.

We’d love to hear what you think xx

(cheeky shot of Monica taken before our bride arrived @wintonhouse)